Who I Am​
​I am a learning and change strategist and whole systems thinker who helps mission-driven people and organizations thrive.

What I Do
​Through consultation and design, I develop strategic capacity – the ability to achieve strategic goals – even amidst constant change.  Employing learning, self-development and change management practices, I lead individuals and teams in organizational renewal and transformation. How?

  • I conduct research, review programs and analyze data to identify the opportunities that align with your mission.
  • I evaluate and create readiness for planned strategic changes.
  • I share tactics for anticipating and navigating unplanned changes.
  • I design leadership development programs that enhance human capability for change.
  • I develop strategic communication plans so that all your stakeholders understand your goals.
  • I help you implement human-centered solutions that produce sustainable results.

Why I Do What I Do
Most of us experience change as hard, even when we've invited it. We're creatures of habit after all. However, it is through change that individuals and organizations remain relevant, grow and fulfill their potential.