Perceptive Communications

Perceptive Communications™ is an assessment-based learning experience that focuses on practical tools for creating productive, enduring business relationships with colleagues, customers, and business partners. It is built around the Human Synergistics Communications Style Survey and can be used in either a group workshop or coaching setting. The focus is on how each individual's style is perceived by others and how each can learn to value and adapt to the styles of others in both team and one-on-one situations.

Managing Team Conflict Before It Manages You

There are many sources of team conflict. Perhaps a new team member has been added, priorities shifted or expectations aren't being met. Whatever the reason, knowing how to deal with conflict quickly and effectively is an important leadership skill. 

Design a Workshop to Fit Your Specific Needs

The best way to build strategic capabilities is to look at your specific needs and see what kind of workshop or seminar would bring your organization the most benefit.